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1st of January 2010 marks the start of One Photo Per Day project sponsored by Essentia Mundi music & more independent label.

We intend to improve our photography skills by taking photos every day.
Project starting year: 2010

Themes: objects, detail, macro, patterns, b&w-duotone, abstract

Rule: the published image should be taken in the same day, every day.

Participants: C., L.

Winning: the best images will be featured in an ABBILDUNG.ro Photography photo book and calendar sponsored by www.essentiamundi.com

Official websites:
ABBILDUNG.ro Photography
The Green Foot
OnePerDay – The OPPD mirror website on Flickr
Official OPPD prints at RedBubble website
One Photo Per Day (or even more)

Email: essentiamundi.:.gmail.com

The published images on this website and on the official websites are copyright (c) C. & L.  Images cannot be used without permission. All Rights Reserved.
Use only the OPPD main photo for press releases. Thanks!